Saturday, July 10, 2010

DIY:::Modern Metal

Learn how to transform aluminum sheet metal into sophisticated votive shades, in five simple steps.

1. Determine the desired height and circumference of the shades. Add 1 inch to the width so that the edges will overlap.

2. Using tin snips and wearing protective gloves, cut a sheet of decorative aluminum, found in a hardware store, to the desired dimensions.

3. Using utility scissors, cut strips of metal repair tape  in half lengthwise. (You can find metal repair tape in the paint department.) Cover all edges of the cut sheets with tape.

4. Shape each sheet into a cylinder, overlapping the edges and securing them with a dot of hot glue. Hold or clamp the edges together until the glue sets.

5. Cover the overlapped edges with tape. Place the shade over a votive glass candleholder.

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