Sunday, October 16, 2011

DIY-Kids Room goes Fishing

Super cute art decor for the kids room!


Step 1: Starting with a 2'x2' piece of ¼" birch plywood, cut a 15"x15" square.  This will be used as the backer for the frame. Sand, prime, and paint the backer; then set it aside to dry. (We chose Valspar Exotic Sea (#331652), Pistachio Satin (#287422), and Mediterranean Gloss (#287419) paint colors for the three backers pictured.)

Step 2: Apply the fish template to a piece of 1"x4" poplar or pine, and cut out the shape with a jigsaw. Sand, prime, and paint the fish. (We used Valspar Satin La Fonda Copper (#331655) paint.)

Step 3: To frame the painted plywood backer using 1"x4" poplar or pine boards, cut top and bottom frame parts 16" long, and cut the sides 9" long. Glue and clamp the frame parts so the ends of the short pieces butt up against the inside edges of the long pieces; allow the glue to dry.

GOOD TO KNOW: Because this frame will be painted, you can patch minor gaps using homemade wood putty. Squirt a small amount of glue into a disposable container such as a paper cup. Mix in sawdust left over from cutting your frame boards until it forms a paste. Using your finger, work the paste into the gaps until the surface feels smooth. Then sand your patch flush with the wood.

Step 4: Sand the surface and edges of the frame. Then paint the outside face and all edges (but not the back) and let the frame dry. (We painted the frame with Valspar Satin White (#28277).)

Step 5: Center the fish in the frame and glue in place. (Consider placing a large book or other heavy object on the fish after gluing to ensure it adheres to the backer.)

Step 6: Attach a picture-hanger centered along the top edge of the backer, then hang on the wall.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Buliding Blocks Wall Art

Make multidimensional art with moulding pieces painted in cool colors and arranged in a checkerboard pattern. The repetition of circles and squares keeps the look simple and perfect for any casual space.
The artwork’s square shape perfectly fits this blank wall. If needed, cut the size of the plywood sheet to accommodate your space.

Step 1: Lightly sand the plywood piece, and wipe clean. Apply spray primer and spray paint to the piece, allowing each coat to dry.

Step 2: Divide 18 wooden rosettes into four groups. (You’ll have five rosettes in two groups and four rosettes in two other groups.) Spray-paint each group a different color, and allow to dry. TIP: Apply two or three light coats rather than one heavy coat.

Step 3: Arrange the rosettes in rows on the plywood piece, alternating colors as shown here. Align the edges of the outer rosettes with the plywood edges. Use wood glue to attach the rosettes to the plywood piece. Allow glue to dry completely.

Step 4: Hang the project using picture hangers and appropriate hardware for your wall type.