Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Make this fashionable accessory in just minutes...NO sewing required!!!

1. Roll a length of bubble wrap until you reach your desired bolster diameter.
Secure the roll with masking tape. Use scissors to trim the length for a shorter
 bolster:for a longer bolster,place two rolls side by side.

2. Use a flexible tape measure to check the length and circumference
 of the roll. Add 6 inches to the circumference and 16 inches to the
 length to determine the fabric size needed.

3.Use scissors to cut an 84-inch drapery panel or fabric to fit the roll.

4.Center the roll parallel to the inside cut edge of the panel. Secure
the edge the the roll using self-adhesive squares. Completely wrap the roll. Secure the top edge of the panel with self adhesive squares.

5.Hem unfinished edges by rolling them to the inside
 and securing with a hot glue gun. Tie off each end, candy-wrapper style,
with jute twine or ribbon.

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