Monday, November 14, 2011

DIY-Curtain Call

Grand Entrance
 Create an inviting nook along a blank wall in a foyer, a bedroom, or a hallway. Add a bench to stage the area for functional and fashionable seating. We used two moulding pieces to construct a cornice and attached lightweight curtains for flowing flair.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Use wood glue to attach two corner moulding pieces together, creating a square dome that is hollow in the center. Clamp the pieces together; allow to dry.

2. Use wood filler to fill in any gaps on the sides, and allow to dry.

3. Using a 3∕16-inch bit, drill four holes into one side of the assembled piece (as shown in the detail photo).
4. Paint the piece (both inside and outside) in your desired color. When dry, lightly coat the piece with glaze.

5. Cut a 3-inch piece of 18-gauge wire, and string it through one curtain’s rod pocket. Scrunch the curtain on the wire, and staple over the wire and through the fabric to attach the curtain to the inside left of the cornice. Repeat the process for the right side.

6. Locate a stud on your wall, and attach the piece to the wall with wood screws through the holes drilled in.

7. If you have drywall, be sure to hang with anchoring screws.

Tip: Lightweight fabrics work best to avoid putting too much weight on the cornice.

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