Thursday, September 22, 2011

Modern Stencil for a Stylish wall

Step 1: Enlarge a graphic stencil so the whole pattern can be repeated vertically to fit your room height (with spaces between stencils), and have three copies soft-laminated at the copy shop in case you damage some. Cut out the patterns with a crafts knife.

Step 2: Map out the number of columns you can fit along one wall and the space between columns. At one corner attach a stencil near the top of the wall with painter’s tape so the sides are vertical.

Step 3: Using a lightly coated foam roller, apply thin layers of paint over the stencil. (Press lightly or you’ll squeeze paint behind the stencil.) Then tape another stencil below the first at the margin you want and paint that design. Repeat until you reach the baseboards.

Step 4: With the first column done, space the stencil horizontally and stencil the next column. Repeat until you fill the wall.

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