Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It was hard work tracking down that vintage band poster. So why not make a floating frame to protect it from wear and tear? Clear acrylic sheets are available in many sizes, and a hardware store employee can cut them to size for you upon request.

*Center your poster between two clear acrylic sheets that are slightly larger than the size of the poster. Leave the white backing on the bottom piece of acrylic for a matted look.

*Secure the clear acrylic sheets with mirror clips or slide-on glass-door clips. For larger posters, use least two clips per side.

*Determine where you want to hang the poster, and drill small holes into the wall using a cordless drill/driver. Screw cup hooks into the holes.

*Measure the height of your poster frame and add several more inches for hanging as desired. A store employee can cut the chain for you.

*Make two loops by slipping the chain ends over each cup hook.

*Slip the framed poster into the chain loops, and balance its weight between them

Skill level: Beginner

Cost estimate: $30 and up*

Time estimate: Less than 1 day


2 clear acrylic sheets

mirror clips or slide-on glass door clips


2 cup hooks


cordless drill/driver

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